KA-BASS-5C Round Wound 5-String Set w/ High C

Handmade using the finest silver- plated copper drawn in the USA, this set of 5 round-wound strings for the U•BASS® (including High C) improves the intonation and playability for those that prefer a more traditional- style string. These strings are a fantastic tool for musical expression. When trying to pick up melodies and harmonies, the High C is closer to the tone of the human voice. This sring also makes it possible to play across the strings in one position and makes it easier to play in tune on the lower frets—giving you an extended range for soloing, playing chords, and double stops.

Brighten up the U•BASS® with a versatile set of strings that is equally adept at driving riffs as it is playing chords or melodies.

Material: Silver-plated Copper / Nylon Core

Gauges: .036 (.91 mm), .050 (1.27 mm), .065 (1.65 mm), .095 (2.41 mm), .110 (2.79 mm)

Price: $119


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