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JACARANDA MUSIC Pty. Ltd, (18 Beulah Road, Norwood, South Australia 5067 ABN 26 109 509 079) is the Australian importer of Kala Brand Ukuleles and U-Basses, Makala Ukuleles, Sigma Guitars, Ohana Ukuleles and Bourbon Street Resonator Guitars and Ukuleles.

Jacaranda Music Pty. Ltd. offers a 12 month warranty to retail purchasers of the products listed above. This warranty covers defective materials or imperfect workmanship. This warranty does not cover wear and tear and accidental or transit damage. Incidental and consequential damages are excluded from this warranty and we assume no liability other than for the actual repair of the instrument..

Jacaranda Music Pty. Ltd. is the grantor of this warranty and has the only authority to alter this warranty. Your warranty covers the structural parts of the instrument and is not affected by factory-installed accessories. Frets do wear out in normal use as do strings, tuning hardware and plating and this is considered normal wear and tear. Tone is a subjective matter and is not warranted.

Damage from exposure to extremes of high and low humidity or to adverse hot or cold temperatures will not be considered under the warranty.

Damage sustained when the instrument is stored in a motor vehicle during high temperatures will not be considered under this warranty nor will damage from accessories (including guitar straps, guitar stands and guitar hangers with rubber coatings). A rapid change in temperature, or exposure to cold, can cause small cracks in the finish. These are lacquer checks and are not repairable under this warranty. Damage incurred through exposure to direct sunlight is not covered by the warranty. In order to obtain warranty service, it is expected that the customer will have given the instrument proper care and consideration, and will not have made unauthorised repairs or modifications.

Under no circumstances should you have your instrument repaired by unauthorised repairers nor should you attempt to repair the instrument yourself. This will void your warranty.

It is Jacaranda Music’s policy to repair rather than replace faulty instruments. Jacaranda Music and its authorised repairers will have sole determination as to how and what repairs will be carried out.

Personal opinions relating to the sound and tone of the instrument will not be considered when assessing warranty claims.

All models are subject to specification changes at any point in time without notice.

We strongly suggest the use of a quality humidifier if your instrument is of all- solid wood construction. It is recommended that your all- solid wood instrument is stored in an environment with a relative humidity of 40%-60%.


All Baritone ukuleles imported in to Australia are strung in baritone tuning (D,G,B,E)  Any attempt to re-tune a Kala, Makala or Ohana baritone ukulele to ukulele tuning (G,C,E,A) will place undue pressure on the bridge and will structurally damage the instrument. This will void the warranty.


8 String ukuleles, by nature of their extra strings, place extra pressure on the bridge and top. Any attempt to tune these instruments above concert pitch will structurally damage the instrument. This will void the warranty. The Kala KA-SCAC-B8 8 string baritone ukulele is supplied with Aquila 26U Baritone strings. Damage caused to this instrument by use of other types of strings, including guitar strings, will not be covered by the warranty.

The use of guitar strings on any Kala or Ohana Ukulele will void the warranty.

Warranty claims received more than 12 calendar months after the date of retail purchase will not be considered.

Please address all questions concerning warranty service to the store where your instrument was purchased or, to:

Jacaranda Music

18 Beulah Road,


South Australia 5067

Ph (08) 8363-4613

ABN 26 109 509 079

Email: info@jacarandamusic.com.au

 A copy of your sales receipt must be provided when claiming warranty service.

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