Kristina Mathwig has always had a passion for the arts but was persuaded to take a more practical vocational route in life. In recent years, however, while caregiving for her parents, she found herself returning to that passion. Mandalas were of particular interest due to their renown for absorbing stress—helping her find peace, joy, calm, and focus through her design.

  • Custom Artwork Top
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Excellent for School Programs
  • ABS Composite Plastic
  • Nickel-plated Open Gear Tuners
  • Custom Logo Tote Bag
  • Mini-Quick Start Guide
SIZE – Soprano
TOP – ABS Composite
BACK & SIDES – ABS Composite
FINISH – Matte
NECK – ABS Composite
NUT & SADDLE – ABS Composite
HEADSTOCK – Standard
STRINGS – Aquila Super Nylgut®
Price: $59.95
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